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High-quality wrapping paper for special gifts

Birthdays, Easter or Christmas - gifts are needed for many occasions throughout the year. Wrapping paper offers you the opportunity to make your gift even more individual and to tailor it precisely to the recipient. Because wrapping paper is available in an almost infinite number of colours, with a wide variety of patterns and prints, as yard goods on rolls of wrapping paper. This means that you can order as required and also wrap larger packages very conveniently.

Wrapping paper for Christmas - Festive excitement

At Christmas, we can look forward to unwrapping presents just as we did when we were children.A Christmas present wouldn't be a Christmas present without <a href="" target="_blank">the right wrapping paperor the right <a href="" target="_blank" title="Geschenkbox">Gift box. Wrapping paper therefore not only creates a festive look, but also a lot of excitement.Because the recipient can only guess what is hidden behind the thin layer of paper when looking at the present under the Christmas tree.There are no fixed colours for Christmas, but traditionally red, gold or silver are often used.Colours that give a Christmas gift a festive and exclusive character.It's all about glitter and glamour, because Christmas is a special celebration where family, friends and acquaintances come together.

Buying wrapping paper online - the advantages

Online shopping offers several advantages.This is because there is a wide range of products to choose from.In contrast to retail outlets or supermarkets, where there are usually only a few rolls of wrapping paper available.These are designed to suit the tastes of the masses and are therefore not particularly individualised.So if you're looking for wrapping paper with a very special design, it's best to search online.The search is easy here because you can use the filter function to pre-filter parameters such as colour, price and occasion and save a lot of time.Delivery is then made directly to your home within a few days.

Wrapping paper or gift box?

There are many ways to wrap gifts.Depending on the occasion, gift idea and budget, you can choose the right one.Wrapping paper is particularly suitable for bulky gifts that are already packed in a box, as it can be unwound from the wrapping paper roll in any length.It is also a question of sustainability, where the gift giver should ask themselves whether a box still needs a box as outer packaging.Wrapping paper is also ideal for small gifts, gifts for in-between or gifts that consist of several pieces, as it allows flexible packaging and makes transport easier.So what is the gift box for? Gift boxes can be used to increase the value of a gift.The gift box is also ideal for weddings, Christmas or other special occasions.

ideas in boxes - In the interests of the environment

As a company, it is a matter of course for us to act in an environmentally conscious manner.That's why our wrapping paper is largely made from recycled materials.Because before Christmas alone, we consume 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper in Germany.We therefore appeal to all gift-givers and recipients to pack carefully and sparingly.