Warehousing - Logistics, Storage & Fulfillment

In addition to the implementation of gift boxes, packaging and mailings, we can also take care of warehousing for you on request. This keeps your storage capacities free and relieves you of logistical activities that are not part of your core business. This saves you time, energy and nerves.

Our offer is aimed at corporate customers who purchase products or have them produced via ideas in boxes.

Everything from one source

Gift boxes, packaging and gift ideas are our passion. In almost two decades, we have built a large network of manufacturers and suppliers, which leaves almost no wish unfulfilled. With us as a partner, you get qualitative full service, from manufacturing to logistics.

Warehousing for onboarding boxes

Onboarding boxes are an important tool for retaining skilled employees. With the help of the high-quality boxes it is possible to give the new employees a warm welcome and to bind them to the company from day 1.

Production of the onboarding box

With us, you get the complete onboarding package, because we take care of the entire workflow. Simply choose from a variety of pre-made onboarding boxes that can be customized with your own branding. The result is a high-quality and individual welcome gift.

Above a certain quantity, it is even possible to create an onboarding box designed specifically for your company.

Storage & Logistics 

of the onboarding boxes

Onboarding boxes consist of a high-quality gift box, an inlay and selected products. To store onboarding boxes, therefore, plenty of space is needed. We take over the storage of the welcome gifts for you and supply you flexibly and quickly when new boxes are needed.

This way you keep your storage capacities free without losing flexibility.

  • Storage of your onboarding boxes in our warehouses
  • Saves your storage capacities
  • Fast and flexible shipping to your company, 
  • on call at any time