Individual mailings 

with personal message

by ideas in boxes

Due to impersonal ads and a flood of advertising banners, customers have long since learned to ignore these messages. Even emotionless mails quickly end up in the trash. Use the power of physical mailings and create a haptic experience that will be remembered!

Be remembered with added value

Personalized mailings as an attention booster

Personalized mailings are perfectly tailored to the needs of customers and are remembered for a long time.

The Benefits

  • Emotional experience
  • Personal & individual
  • Success measurement through response elements
  • Versatile use, e.g. for product launches or at trade fairs

Storage & Logistics

We store your mailings & mailing boxes and dispatch them reliably and to your customers on time. This makes your mailings even more efficient.

The offline marketing secret weapon

Mailing in a Box

In times of digital overstimulation, offline marketing measures can work wonders.
Put your trust in quality!