Customizable onboarding boxes & products
directly from stock

We refine your onboarding boxes quickly and easily with your logo, slogan or graphics.


Packaging with print, notebook, CoffeeToGo mug, metal ballpoint pen

  • Fully printable packaging
  • Graduated prices available
  • (from 17,24 € - 62,01 € / piece)
  • Soon available from 5 pcs.


Magnetic box with logo, notebook, aluminum lunch box, vacuum flask, wooden pen

  • Available in several colors.
  • Graduated prices available
  • (from 39,91 € - 63,31 € / piece)
  • Soon available from 5 pcs.

Onboarding-Box S
The Essential

Magnetic box with logo, notebook, CoffeeToGo mug, metal ballpoint pen

  • Available in several colors.
  • Graduated prices available 
  • (from 25,34€ - 32,90€ / piece)
  • Soon available from 5 pcs.

Onboarding-Box M
Warm Welcome

Magnetic box with logo, CoffeeToGo mug, metal ballpoint pen, polo shirt, camera cover

  • Available in several colors.
  • Graduated prices available 
  • (from 37,06€ - 45,32€ / piece)
  • Soon available from 5 pcs.

Onboarding-Box L
Loyalty Boost

Magnetic box with logo, metal ballpoint pen, Jojo ID card, camera cover, hoodie, glass bottle

  • Available in several colors.
  • Graduated prices available 
  • (from 42,51€ - 53,68€ / piece)
  • Soon available from 5 pcs.

Onboarding-Box XL

Magnetic box with logo, metal pen, notebook, shirt, hoodie, camera cover, infuser bottle

  • Available in several colors.
  • Graduated prices available
  • (Coming soon)
  • Soon available from 5 pcs.

Onboarding boxes

Your products, our expertise;
a perfect match!

  • Your products individually packaged
  • Onboarding boxes with logo, slogan
  • Boxes from stock or individually produced for you
  • Perfectly coordinated inlay
  • Soon available from 5 pcs.

Onboarding-Box (empty) Welcome to the team

Our Welcome to the Team Box is available from 1 piece.

  • Individual products possible
  • Individual inlay possible
  • Additional finishing possible
  • (e.g. with a company logo)
  • Box with high-quality 
  • embossing

Onboarding boxes -
Pure Employee-Experience!

Onboarding boxes welcome new employees on their first day at work

With onboarding boxes, you can express your appreciation to new employees right
from the start and immediately integrate them into the community.

» Over 60% of employees leave their company
if they are not valued.

Do it better on the first day!

Visualize your company values & 
products with augmented reality

Give new employees a three-dimensional insight into your company.

Examples of Argumented Reality content:

  • Your company values as a 3D pillar
  • Your products visualized down to the last detail
  • Welcome greetings in augmented reality

How it works: Your individual content can be accessed via a QR code that you affix as a sticker to the onboarding boxes. All the employee has to do is scan the code with their smartphone.

Merchandise & Corporate Fashion

Become one with your Employees

With high-quality merchandise products, you can inspire new and existing employees for your company and strengthen your employee branding.

Our merchandise products

  • Shirts, sweaters, hoodies, longsleeves, jackets
  • caps, beanies, socks, backpacks, jute bags
  • Mugs, glasses, coffee-to-go mugs, drinking bottles
  • Notebooks, power banks, USB sticks, lanyards
  • and much more.

We will be happy to make you an offer.

How it Works

1. consultation / order

2. design / layout

3. production / quality control

4. storage / packaging

5. request / delivery

6. post-production

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How does onboarding work?

A successful onboarding process is crucial for the successful start of new employees. The optimal process is divided into three key phases: Preparation, Orientation and Integration. The duration of onboarding varies depending on the complexity of the position and the company's internal processes. The induction phase extends from the signing of the contract to the end of the probationary period.

What are onboarding boxes?

- The perfect gift for the debut -

Onboarding boxes serve as a warm welcome gift for new employees during the onboarding phase. The high-quality boxes are usually filled with branded products and presented on the first day of work. Coffee mugs, pens or personalized notebooks are particularly popular, which the new employee can use both at their workplace and in their home office. In our range you will find high-quality welcome gifts in the Basic, Comfort and Premium quality levels, which you can tailor to the individual needs of your company.

Why you need onboarding boxes?

- Quick integration & motivation through onboarding boxes -

Onboarding Boxen sind ein effektives Instrument, um neuen Mitarbeitern bereits ab dem ersten Tag Wertschätzung entgegenzubringen. Die Begrüßung spielt eine entscheidende

Whether a new employee feels comfortable in the team and integrates quickly plays a key role. Satisfied employees are generally more motivated and more committed to their work. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, a stable employee structure is of great importance. It is therefore crucial for employers that the onboarding process runs smoothly.

Show your best side on the very first day and make sure that your new employee leaves with positive impressions and a good gut feeling. Welcome to the team!

Personalize onboarding boxes

Your onboarding boxes should be as individual as your company. After all, with the right branding, you strengthen the corporate culture and give your new employees the feeling that they belong. Depending on the order quantity, various finishing techniques are available for personalization. Printing, punching or embossing, we will find a suitable way for you to add a logo or slogan to your onboarding boxes. Hot foil stamping is particularly elegant, as it not only creates a visual effect, but also has a raised look and feel thanks to the slight elevation.

Our packages - onboarding boxes for every budget

We have developed various onboarding packages for different budgets, which are structured as follows:

Basic onboarding box: In the Basic edition, we use folding cartons. The 400 g/m2 cardboard boxes are inexpensive, robust and stylish. The inner packaging gives the folding carton sufficient stability. With the Basic onboarding box, the slip lid is simply slid over the core element. The box closes tightly.

Comfort onboarding box: The Comfort edition is based on a magnetic box. The special thing about a magnetic box is the closure. Thanks to the magnets integrated into the edge and lid, the onboarding box closes gently with a soft click, as if by magic. A very high-quality packaging experience.

Premium onboarding box: We use a particularly high-quality and robust cardboard box for the Premium edition. The packaging consists of three elements: base, middle section and lid. These are simply inserted into each other. Our premium packaging is available in many colors so that we can individually implement your corporate design. The high-quality material gives the onboarding box a high-quality character and an exclusive feel.

Production, storage, delivery - fulfillment for your onboarding gifts

In order to produce economically and cost-effectively, it makes sense to produce onboarding boxes in large quantities. As a company, however, you often do not have the possibility to store these quantities temporarily. To solve this problem, you can make use of our storage capacities. We produce your onboarding boxes and store them. This allows you to successively reorder boxes in small or large quantities as required and have them delivered to your company. We take care of the entire fulfillment!