Inlays for packaging

Individually tailored to your products or Gifts

The inner packaging also embodies part of the brand message. Inlays are a great way to drive its presence. It doesn't matter if it's a new product launch or gifts for long-time employees.

» High quality inlays for
Product- & gift packaging

» Customized for
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The perfect inner packaging
for all occasions

Inlays are an insert for product packaging or gift boxes, of any kind. Its function is to fix, protect and present the products it contains.

  • Presentation of products
  • As protection during transport
  • Exhibitions like museums
  • For high value items
  • Delicate products like bottles, glasses

What kind of inlays are available?

Paper cutout

An individual cutting die can be customized and optimally sets off products. With the help of a cutting die, the desired shape is punched out of the material, creating precisely fitting recesses in which the products can be fixed. We use high-quality material.

Foam Shape

Another type of inlay are foam molds. They are suitable for products with multi-part sets. Furthermore, the foam provides additional protection and prevents damage during transportation. Also available in various colors as well as hardness levels. The dimensions are freely selectable.

Inlay cushion

Cushions are perfect as inlay for gift boxes. The noble and exclusive design presents products such as certificates and watches with a certain value. Color and design can be chosen freely. In addition, the cushion serves as a good transport protection.

Sizzle (paper shreds)

The simplest and most cost-effective option. It does not always have to be a die-cut shape or foam. Simple paper strips in matching colors help to present the content nobly. With the help of the paper strips / sizzle, the products can be fixed inside the box.

Configure Inlays

Individual die cuts with up to 4 cutouts

Configure the right inlay for your packaging, in just a few steps.

  • Fixes products or gifts
  • High quality, robust material
  • Fast production
  • Already from 5 pieces
  • Suitable for our packaging sizes

Use Cases

Schwarze Schmuckverpackung mit Siebdruck in Gold

Jewelry packaging

Produktverpackung für Flaschen

Bottle packaging

Gutscheinverpackung in schwarz mit Heißfolienprägung in Gold

Voucher packaging

Verpackungen mit Inlay für Influencer-Kits / unboxing


Inlays for packaging - For an elegant look

Inlays are generally possible in all boxes where it makes sense. For multi-part and fragile items, the inlay is indispensable. In addition, chocolates are visually better presented when each of them is in its own place.

However, an inlay offers other advantages as well. Cables on gifts do not make for a pretty sight. Especially in the cavity or in the lower part such items can find great place. They complete the scope of delivery and additionally help to present the products & gifts in an appealing way.

Cutting die / paper inlay printing

As already mentioned, the inlay for gift boxes and co. gives you the opportunity to choose your own design. Especially the paper cutting die can be printed from 4-color to special colors. Here it definitely makes sense to talk to the supplier about it.

Inlay service / production of an inlay

As always - when opening the packaging, gift box and co. a kind of promise has to be kept. Great inlays for packaging should act like a kind of shop window. This not only promotes sales, but also visually enhances the product. Production steps at a glance:

  • Choice of box
  • Inlay / pictures / data
  • CAD design
  • Sending of the sample


On the market there is a wide range of different packaging. Be it cardboard boxes or other boxes. In step number 1, it is necessary to decide on one of these models. Especially for the inlay, the dimensions must be adjusted according to the product. Here, the parties concerned should consider for which use the whole thing should serve.

By sending pictures / data it is much easier to get a better picture. The manufacturer can make better measurements based on this info. Weight and flexibility are two important areas here. It also allows prospective customers to be better involved in the design process. By the way, the insole should not be forgotten. Should it be a cushion, foam, die-cut or other inlay filling material?

Then, based on the design, a CAD draft is created, as well as a first plotted white pattern from it. Customers have the opportunity to check dimensions and other criteria in detail. Sometimes only images are sent so as not to unnecessarily prolong the production time.


Inlays can be used for various purposes. Be it for gifts, packaging or products. They help companies to present themselves better. The own brand is pushed by it and customers are always pleased about a beautifully designed packaging. During transport, they serve as additional protection & contained items can be presented better.