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Packaging with logo for the perfect brand image

Whether corporate gifts for Christmas or employee gifts, whether freelancers or medium-sized companies, packaging with a logo helps to strengthen your own brand and to be remembered by customers and business partners. gift boxescan also be customised in small quantities, we use various techniques that make it possible to add a logo to the finished boxes.This gives us the greatest possible flexibility and enables us to realise orders on time, even at short notice.The right finishing technique can be selected depending on the occasion, budget and quantity.Simply order online now.

  • Hot foil stamping and blind embossing

  • Digital printing and offset printing

  • Customised production

  • Customised products

Printing packaging with logo

Digital printing for small to medium quantities

Even if the packaging has already been produced, it is possible to print a logo on it afterwards.Digital printing is often used for this purpose, which makes it possible to customise parts of the packaging.This process allows the logo to be easily applied to the top of the lid or the edges of the gift box.Digital printing is particularly suitable for small to medium quantities.

  • Even small quantities can be customised, as the set-up costs and effort are very low

  • For exampleThe lid or edges of the packaging can be printed with a logo

Offset printing for large print runs

Offset printing is used for large quantities.Here, however, it is necessary that the material is still flat, i.e. in its original flat state.In offset printing, the material runs through the printing press at high speed.The logo is printed on the surface.The material is then processed into packaging.In offset printing, it is possible to print special colours such as gold or silver or Pantone shades.This makes it possible to implement a corporate colour in line with the original corporate design.

  • Only worthwhile for larger quantities, as the effort and set-up costs are quite high

  • Company colours in special and Pantone tones can be implemented

  • Fine fonts and elements can be reproduced with sharp edges

Embossing packaging with logo - hot foil stamping / blind embossing

Another method of adding a logo to packaging is embossing.There are two types of hot foil embossing and blind embossing and they are an exclusive method of decoratively enhancing packaging.Embossing can be used to apply a logo to packaging in small quantities.However, the set-up costs should not be underestimated, as an embossing plate has to be produced before finishing.The cliché is then clamped into the machine and heated and pressurised.embossed into the material.

Hot foil stamping

Shiny gold or silver makes packaging a real eye-catcher.Hot foil stamping makes it possible to emboss a logo onto the packaging material.The film is lightly applied to the surface with heat.In addition to a unique look, this creates a slight tactile effect.A variety of films in different colours and with different structures are available.Fine lettering and logos can also be applied to the packaging in this way.The embossing gives the gift box a very special look.

Blind embossing

With blind embossing, the logo is embossed into the material with light pressure, either raised (raised embossing) or recessed (deep embossing).This means that the logo on the packaging can not only be perceived visually, but also experienced haptically.The blind embossing is a top-class finish and expresses itself in simple elegance.Fine lettering and logos can also be created using blind embossing.So if you want to give your packaging with a logo a very special look, blind embossing is the perfect solution.Similar to hot foil stamping, blind embossing requires an embossing cliché.