BOX stop for climate change

We have only one environment! It is a world-wide system.
Every change every intervention has a result.


Pragmatically, the ideas in boxes team faces this overall responsibility.

Purchasing - packaging - shipping - travel - office the ideas in boxes team always examines the market alternatives and responsibly chooses the best solution in terms of the environment. Because - we believe, everyone is challenged and can contribute a small part!

  • CO2 neutral shipping via DHL
  • Use of recycled cardboard and paper
  • Filling material based on 100% secondary fibers, chlorine and acid free
    packaging disposal

are some of the components of our environmental thinking.

Attentiveness to suppliers, products and transport routes as well as continuous thoughts and improvements regarding internal possibilities and processes are further components.


ideas in boxes is a partner of the environment

Made from 100% recycled material -
Our sustainable gift boxes

200% for the environment. Our magnetic and premium boxes, are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Thus, ideas in boxes sets a positive example for the environment. In addition, our robust gift boxes can be used many times due to the high quality and always be given away.

Magnetic boxes

For our magnetic boxes we use 100% recycled cardboard. For some boxes, the surface is covered with kraft paper. Kraft paper has a beautiful, natural feel, is very robust and high quality. Due to the stable magnetic closure, the magnetic box can be opened as often as desired.

Premium boxes

Premium gift boxes consist of three elements: Bottom, middle part and lid. When these three elements are connected, a very stable construct is created. The premium box has a long life cycle due to the stable construction and high quality. Also here we use cardboard made from 100% recycled materials.

Sustainable gift packaging - 100% recycled

Our premium gift boxes and magnetic boxes are made from 100% recycled material. This allows us to conserve resources instead of putting new material into circulation. Our vision is to enable sustainable gifting and packaging for our customers and to meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable packaging. Our gift boxes made of recycled cardboard can be recycled again at the end of their life cycle. This is how we ensure an ecological cycle.

Everyone is in demand - Use high quality gift boxes

Ecological goals can only be achieved if as many people as possible work together to achieve them. That is why we try to encourage our customers to act sustainably. Our gift boxes are produced according to the highest quality standards, are precisely manufactured and very robust. Therefore, it is possible to reuse the gift box many times without any problems.

Sustainable premium gift boxes: In the premium gift box, three elements interlock. The base, middle section and lid overlap to create a sturdy construct. The robust gift box makes a very valuable impression. The box can be opened and closed as often as desired through the lid without affecting the quality of the packaging.

Sustainable magnetic boxes: Magnetic boxes impress not only by the special closure, but also by the production from 100% recycled material. Due to the magnets integrated into the edge and the lid, the box can be opened and closed again and again, without any great loss of quality. The material of the high-quality boxes is extremely stable.

For which occasions are sustainable gift packaging suitable?

Whether for a birthday, wedding or Christmas, sustainable gift packaging is suitable for all occasions. Thus, gift packaging made of recycled material ensures a good conscience on the one hand and a good impression on the other. Companies are also increasingly turning to sustainable packaging, as we can clearly see from the growing number of requests. Companies are more concerned than ever to act ecologically. This applies to the entire production chain, as well as marketing measures, employee gifts, customer gifts and other occasions for which packaging is needed.

Innovative and sustainable packaging solutions

ideas in boxes is a partner of the environment. We are constantly striving to optimize our materials. Therefore, we exchange information with our suppliers to be always up-to-date. For companies we develop innovative packaging solutions, individual and sustainable. Be it a gift box made of recycled material or specially certified packaging, we offer a high degree of flexibility to meet customer requirements down to the last detail. From finished packaging from stock, which is subsequently individualized, to complete new production, everything is possible with us. Our team draws on nearly two decades of experience and a large network of diverse suppliers and service providers. BOX stop for climate change!