Sample order

To get a better idea of our products, it is possible to order samples in advance.

Sample gift boxes 

without finishing

Whether Classic Box, Magnet Box or Premium Box, before placing a larger order it can be advantageous to order a sample in advance. This can be easily ordered via our store. Upon receipt of the complete order, the sample box will then be deducted from the total amount. The shipping of the boxes within Germany, takes about 1-3 business days.

We offer samples of:

  • Classic boxes
  • Magnet boxes
  • Premium boxes

Sample gift boxes with 

embossing, finishing or printing

Experience the look and feel live. To give our business customers a better idea of the various finishing options, we are happy to send samples in advance, directly from stock. For this purpose, a request can be sent to our B2B support. The samples are delivered within 1-3 working days (within Germany).

We offer samples of:

  • Gift box with printing
  • Gift box embossing (hot foil or blind embossing)
  • Other finishing like effect varnish etc.

Sample inlays for gift boxes

Inlays fix the products inside a gift box or product packaging and provide a beautiful presentation. In addition to classic inlays such as paper inserts (punches) and filler, we also offer special inlays such as pillows or foam shapes.

We offer samples of:

  • Foam molds
  • Paper inlays (punching)
  • Sizzle (filling material)
  • Inlay cushion