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Whether for gifts, products or giveaways at trade fairs and events, with us you will find the perfect box for every occasion. Directly from stock, customized or produced individually according to your wishes.

» Boxes in
Premium quality

» Directly from stock
many colors & sizes

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High quality boxes

directly from stock

Choose the right box from our stock that can be delivered directly. Our range includes a large selection of boxes in many sizes, colors and designs.

  • Slip boxes, folding boxes, sliding boxes
  • Available immediately
  • Large selection

Our product range

Slip boxes

Slip boxes are boxes with lids. In many models, this overlaps the side panels so that the height can be adjusted depending on the content. Perfect as a gift box or as a box for giveaways.

Magnetix boxes

Magnetic boxes are characterized above all by their premium quality and the special closure. Thanks to the magnets attached to the edge and the lid, the lid closes gently. A feeling of worth.

Sliding boxes

With sliding boxes, the shell and inner part can be easily pushed into each other, like a cupboard door. The feel and handling are very sublime and robust, thanks to the wall thickness created by both elements.

Printed boxes

The boxes can be printed using various techniques. The most common method is screen printing. A screen is applied to the box and the motif is transferred to the box using the screen printing ink. The screen is then removed again and the box is printed.

  • Custom print boxes
  • Even from small quantities
  • High quality print
  • Multicolored motifs possible

Customized boxes from stock

Thanks to our large range of directly available boxes, we can quickly implement individual productions starting from 25 pieces.

  • Customized boxes with a logo, slogan or graphic
  • Fast production | Already from 25 pieces
  • High quality printing or embossing
  • Many boxes available from stock