Eventboxes - gift boxes for hybrid meetings & events

Our event boxes take the home office to a whole new level. A relaxed meeting with various snacks and a chai latte or an after-work session with special beers, prosecco or a glass of red wine, turn on the camera and let's go! Through the resulting interactions, our boxes make for unique, hybrid events, meetings & conferences.

Linking online and offline - the best of both worlds

» Experience the feeling of a team event with all 5 senses - our event boxes make it possible. This makes a digital meeting or event, despite spatial separation, a shared experience that connects.

Perfect for:

  • Digital corporate Christmas parties and special celebrations
  • Virtual meetings with customers and business partners
  • After-work sessions & team building
  • Video conferencing & streaming
  • Influencer events on Instagram, Youtube or TikTok

Event boxes with branding, slogan or image

Event boxes can be finished with branding, slogan or graphics. This is done by screen printing or embossing. Due to a large assortment from stock, we can realize productions quickly. From a four-color image on the lid of the box, to a golden slogan on the flap, everything is possible. Our customer advisors are happy to take individual requests.

High quality & sustainable

For our event boxes we use packaging made of sustainable material. The high-quality gift boxes are very robust due to the thick cardboard. This creates a unique look and a whole special feel. And best of all, the boxes can always be reused after use, as the magnetic closure can be opened and closed without much wear and tear.

Create your own Eventbox

Our event boxes can also be equipped with individual products.

- Delivered by the customer and assembled by ideas in boxes

- or delivered by ideas in boxes to the customer (only boxes with sizzle) and assembled by the customer

Unique Employee Experience

Employees are a company's capital and are sometimes responsible for its success. Reason enough to retain committed specialists and keep them away from the competition. In addition to monetary benefits, according to a survey, social conditions and cohesion among colleagues are a very important factor. Therefore, it is important to interact with employees and to provide a pleasant working atmosphere. The Eventbox was developed to start exactly there and to sweeten the workday in home office times in a playful way.

Event boxes - For unique corporate events

In many companies, home offices are becoming more and more established, either in whole or in part. The advantages are obvious, because employees save time traveling to and from work and have more free time. Nevertheless, one thing should not be neglected: The social exchange among employees and colleagues!