Cardboard banderoles

What are cardboard banderoles?

Shipping a product can be done in different ways. But ordinary packaging does not make an elegant impression. Things look much different with so-called banderoles for boxes. Their special feature: They are open on both sides. This makes it easier to remove the product without damaging the decorated packaging.

This is exactly why card sleeves were developed. The aim is to showcase certain products in a targeted manner. A good example would be a temporary time or promotion. There are now a variety of options for creating. And there are no limits when it comes to design.

Why cardboard banderoles?

Anyone who has not yet dealt with the topic will ask themselves: What exactly are cardboard banderoles supposed to do? First of all, it is a cost-effective option to individually print a box. However, there are several reasons for this. These include:

  • Can be used as an eye-catcher / temporary advertising campaign
  • additional protection during transport
  • visually enhances the product
  • available in various types of paper
  • serves to individualize certain target groups

Advantages of cardboard banderoles

Using cardboard banderoles has several advantages. A few of the uses have already been discussed above. But what exactly are the advantages? What can users benefit from? Short and sweet from:

  • can be combined individually (length, width, height)
  • versatile use (finishing, protection, personalization)
  • Product is upgraded cheaply
  • Surprise effect for the customer
  • can be put on quickly

Areas of application/use

Ultimately, it is worth taking a closer look at the areas of application of banderoles. Not everyone knows what the fancy packaging can be used for and what it can be used for. First of all, it is a flexible outer packaging. It is quickly attached and is therefore used for individual personalization.

What many forget - the branding. With attractive packaging, companies and suppliers can bring more personality to their products. Even neutral packaging can be upgraded. Furthermore, the whole thing can serve as additional protection. Only the outer edges are open. Last but not least, you can address any topic with it. How about, for example, a specially printed roll for the upcoming wedding?

Construction of cardboard banderoles

Cardboard banderoles are unique. But what exactly makes it so special? It's mainly the structure. In appearance it is an ordinary box, but it is open on the sides. Dimensions can be individually adjusted. By the way, the cardboard banderoles are glued to the bottom. Depending on your needs, the whole thing can be pulled over the packaging. It protects the product and makes an even better visual impression. Not to forget the additional protection against collisions.

Order cardboard banderoles made to measure

Of course, not all dimensions are suitable for the respective occasion. That's why the roles are offered in different sizes and units. A distinction is made between three different variants:

1) A4, A5, A6

For example, if you want to send books or boxes, sizes DIN A4, A5 and A6 are suitable. First, however, the size must be adjusted to the product. The longer and wider the product, the more different the packaging has to be.

2) square shape

Books, wooden cubes and anything else square can also be placed in a cardboard sleeve. How about a DVD collection, for example? It is only important that the same dimensions are entered for length, width and height. The minimum format is 25 x 25 x 25 mm.

3) made to measure

Then there are items and products that require special dimensions. At this point, tailor-made manufacturing is required. Can be used for small and large shipping items. Just be careful with the correct measurements.

Cardboard banderoles with embossing

The various finishing options should not be ignored. There are three types of these, which will be briefly discussed below:

  • logo
  • Embossing
  • Painting

Companies often use the logo option. This is how you skillfully showcase your brand. By the way, UV varnishes are best suited for this. What looks particularly elegant and sophisticated is embossing. Additional shine and better presentation of the packaging are the top priority. Ultimately, there is still the option of adding a protective layer on top. This offers several advantages. The product is additionally protected from dirt and moisture. Can be ordered in matt and glossy.

Banderole in your desired design

In general, an unprinted band only looks half as nice as a printed one. Above all, it should help with sales. And ordinary templates are not enough. There has to be a desired design. There are now various options for personally refining your specimens. This way the customer gets a more personal unpacking experience. Seasonal customer targeting should not be neglected.

For which products are cardboard banderoles suitable?

Ultimately, there are certain products that can be particularly beautified with the use of cardboard sleeves. In short, the following are possible:

  • Books
  • CDs
  • -DVDs
  • Chocolate candy packaging
  • Tea packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Care products
  • seasonal items
  • etc.

Seasonal products are particularly suitable because they can be individually redesigned each time. This also applies to the colors. For example, white, brown, black or a colorful design are possible.

Banderoles possible in small quantities, from 25 pieces

Before you get to the material, the question of the right amount must first be clarified. The cardboard banderoles are available in various sets. Be it for offset printing or digital printing. Quantities of around 25 pieces have proven successful. Depending on the product and the target group, deviations may make sense. Sometimes a simple look in the combinations of black and white is completely sufficient.

Material: Various materials are possible

In principle, it is possible to design your banderoles using the same material as the box. The classics are still products made from kraft cardboard. They give the whole thing a beautiful finish and can be combined with various colors. The pages could be chromo cardboard, for example. Perfect for boxes that need a rough back. As mentioned, there are no limits when it comes to design. Kraft paper should also be mentioned.


There are several advantages to making products appealing. On the one hand, they show the customer that the sellers attach great importance to individuality. It can also help your own brand. Cardboard banderoles are the keyword here. They can be purchased in different sizes and colors. Be it books, DVDs or gifts of any kind - everything looks much nicer with the right cardboard sleeve. Embossing, lacquering and logos complete the design. Can also be used for any shape. Square, rectangular or round. There is a suitable solution for every item. If you haven't looked into it yet, you should definitely consider it for the future.