Gift boxes for Christmas

Christmas time is the most wonderful time. And not just because of gifts. However, for most people they play an important role. But how exactly can the present be presented in an attractive way? A good example of this is gift packaging. Anyone who deals with the topic of “gift boxes for Christmas” will come across various options. This is specifically about gift wrapping for Christmas.

More emotions through a high-quality gift box

Christmas is the celebration of love. Family, friends and siblings try to surprise their loved ones with suitable gifts. The idea behind it alone is enough for most people. But the right gift packaging guarantees even more excitement and joy when unpacking.

Even for Santa Claus, there are suitable designs available for those affected. Ultimately, they should evoke a positive emotion in the recipient. There are several variations available.

Opportunities for design

A single design offers little variety. Plus, everyone has different tastes. For this reason, packaging for gifts especially for Christmas is offered in several versions:

  • logo
  • slogan
  • Message

For company gifts & employee gifts

Which exactly you choose depends entirely on the respective situation. A gift box with a logo makes sense if the packaging is intended for a broader audience - i.e. for the customer. In this way, companies can establish their brand and gain more recognition. It is also possible to add your own slogan. It should reinforce the whole thing in a positive way. This makes emotional greetings stand out better.

But how exactly can a logo or slogan be embossed? The answer is: hot foil stamping. This makes the packaging look even more elegant and professional. Very useful for smaller businesses.

Types of Christmas gift wrapping

What gets really interesting is the different types that are available to buyers. This offers variety and space for design. When it comes to gift boxes or packaging for Christmas, the following are particularly in demand:

1) Classic box

The first variant, the Classic Box, is truly a classic. Here we focus on the basics and pay attention to functionality. They come in a flatter shape and can be folded. That’s why it’s often called a “folding box”. Such boxes can be closed with a lid or overlapped in half without any problems.

2) Premium box

If you want more individuality and quality, you can't go wrong with the premium gift box. Due to their sturdy construction, boxes of this type are particularly suitable for heavy gifts. Thanks to the increased material thickness, even larger products can be packaged. The same applies to the quality of the material, which differs significantly from classic boxes.

3) Magnetic box

The last variation on the theme of “Christmas gift packaging” goes by the name magnetic box. And the name is program. The comfort is very similar to that of a premium box. But the difference lies in the function. The thick inner surface and magnet facilitate better closure and keep it stable. It is not without reason that it is one of the bestsellers on the market. Ultimately, the choice depends entirely on your needs and type of gift.


Individualization is the be-all and end-all for many people, be it for private individuals or companies. Gift boxes or packaging for Christmas are also available to buy in various quantities. From small, medium to large numbers, everything is possible.


When the temperatures drop, the snow falls and the mulled wine is brought out of the cupboard, then Christmas is not far away. Nevertheless, year after year, many people have problems with the gift. The right packaging is at least as important. It creates the wow effect and creates excitement when unpacking. Whether for companies or private individuals - everyone is happy to receive a beautifully designed gift box.