Classic boxes with slip lids

There are a number of celebrations, birthdays and other festivities throughout the year for which gifts and the right gift box are a must.Our gift box range offers a large selection of packaging in various colours, sizes and qualities to ensure that every gift can be lovingly and individually wrapped.


StülpschachtelFolding boxes with lids - the inexpensive gift box

Gift-giving is not about achieving a certain monetary value, but about the intention and effort behind a gift. Our Classic gift box provides a good basis for beautiful gift ideas.The box is available in different colours and sizes and can be lined on the inside as desired.The glossy surface ensures a high-quality look.The gift box is particularly suitable for light to medium-weight contents weighing up to 2 kg.

  • Suitable for all occasions of the year
  • Beautiful high-gloss look
  • Robust and versatile
  • Available in various colours and sizes

Versatile - suitable for all occasions

Giving gifts is fun, but what would a gift be without the right <a href="" target="_blank">Geschenkbox? A gift box provides excitement and joy when unwrapping.Whether for birthdays, Christmas presents or gifts for in-between, beautiful packaging is just as important as the contents.Gift-giving is an experience that is actively linked to an interaction, the unwrapping.Emotions are aroused in the recipient through the presentation and interaction.A gift box with a lid therefore serves not only as a means of transport, but much more as a carrier of an emotional and sincere message.The gift box is available in different colours to ensure that it suits the recipient's taste.The gift box also cuts a fine figure as packaging for guest gifts at weddings or for giveaways at trade fairs.

  • Suitable as a gift box for birthdays or Christmas
  • For Christmas presents or souvenirs
  • For corporate gifts or giveaways at trade fairs
  • For guest gifts at weddings

Customise your gift box

A gift box should be as individual as every person and every occasion.There is therefore a wide range of options for customising packaging.One of these is finishing with a print, embossing or sticker.Logos, lettering, images or other motifs can be applied to the gift box.Completely individualised and tailored to the respective occasion or person.