Folding boxes - in many colors and sizes

Folding boxes with magnetic closure

A folding box with a magnetic closure is the Ferrari of gift boxes. Thanks to the magnets integrated into the edge and lid, the folding box closes with a raised “click” sound and keeps the box tightly closed. Thanks to the high-quality and robust manufacturing, the folding box with magnetic box can be used numerous times.

  • Exclusive handling when opening and closing
  • High quality & special feel
  • Robust material

Folding boxes for every occasion

Birthday, Christmas, wedding or company event, we have the right folding box for every occasion. The color spectrum of our folding boxes is constantly being expanded so that beautiful gift ideas can be individually packaged.

  • Available in many colors
  • The right folding box for every occasion
  • Matte and glossy boxes available

More than practical - folding boxes with adhesive corners

Delivered flat

Folding boxes with adhesive corners are particularly practical. The beautiful gift boxes are delivered flat and therefore do not take up much space in the package. This is ecological and saves storage capacity. Our magnetic boxes are equipped with adhesive corners.

Set up in a flash

The folding boxes with adhesive corners can be assembled in a flash. Simply peel off the four adhesive corners, stand the box upright and press the edges together. The glue dries within a few minutes and provides a lot of stability.

Simply unfold - folding boxes without adhesive corners

This folding box does not require any adhesive corners. Simply pull up the edges and you're done. The attached Velcro fasteners ensure stability. The good thing is that the folding box can be folded again and again.

Individual folding boxes
for business clients

Whether magnetic box or classic box, our folding boxes can be individually designed. A logo, graphic or image is applied to the box using finishing techniques such as embossing or printing.

  • Individual design through printing or embossing
  • Folding boxes as an emotional advertising medium
  • Available in many colors and sizes
  • For every budget: Classic, Comfort, Premium

Classic folding box

Simple, chic and inexpensive. The Classic folding box is perfect for small budgets. Discover now

Premium folding box

High quality, elegant and equipped with a magnetic closure that ensures a very special packaging experience.

Folding cartons - affordable & versatile

Whether for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, corporate gifts or as product packaging, folding boxes are versatile. A common form of folding box is the telescope box, which is often used as a gift box or packaging for giveaways at trade fairs or events. This consists of two parts (lid and base) and is simply clipped together.The one-piece version of the folding carton is often used for product packaging for technical production reasons.

Folding box as a gift box

Throughout the year, there are many occasions when gifts and gift boxes are needed.With a gift box, the gift can be prepared to suit the occasion.Both colour and size can be coordinated, as retailers offer a wide range of folding boxes in a variety of specifications.Depending on how heavy the gift idea to be wrapped is, a robust material can ensure that the base and edges do not dent or tear.For lightweight gifts, even thin material can fulfil the purpose.

A folding box not only serves as transport packaging for birthdays or Christmas, but also reinforces the emotional message of the gift.Because the packaging alone, which is tailored to the recipient, can already convey emotions.

Use as a gift box:

  • For birthday presents or souvenirs
  • As a gift box for Christmas presents
  • For corporate gifts or giveaways

Customised folding boxes

If the right folding box is not available directly from stock, we can produce customised boxes from small quantities.This makes it possible to select the right size and colour for the gift and, if necessary, to adapt the gift box to the company's corporate design.This gives the folding box an individual and personalised look and leaves a positive impression.The material can also be individually selected and customised to suit the occasion.

Customised configuration

  • Customised size made to measure
  • Customised production is possible from small quantities
  • Selection of the right colour according to corporate design, for companies

Finishing options for a folding box

It is often difficult to configure customised packaging if the order quantity is too small.This can be remedied with the help of various finishing techniques.In this case, we use already produced stock items.The finished folding boxes can be printed, laser-cut, punched or embossed.This means that a logo, slogan or lettering can be applied at a later stage, even for small quantities.Printing or partial printing can also be realised depending on the type of folding box.If this is no longer possible, a sticker applied to the lid or the edge of the box can be a good alternative.

Finishing options Overview:

  • Embossing, punching or laser cutting of logos, lettering or motifs
  • Full-surface printing or partial printing with images
  • Stickers or adhesive film for applying to the folding box

The inlay - fixing gifts or setting the scene

There are also many possibilities for individualisation within a folding box / gift box.This allows a gift to be fixed in place with the help of inner packaging (inlay) or to be presented in a special way.Depending on the content and budget, the appropriate inlay can be selected and realised.An inlay cushion is ideal for light contents such as certificates or other documents.A punching mould or a foam mould can be integrated into the box to hold objects in place.The moulds are prepared in such a way that the contents of the gift box no longer move or wobble.This also protects against transport damage, among other things.

Choosing the right inner packaging:

  • Insert cushions for presenting lightweight items such as certificates / documents
  • Foam or paper mould for fixing gift ideas inside the gift box
  • Sizzle / paper scraps for embedding and fixing gifts