Our assortment includes a wide range of immediately available magnetic boxes, in many sizes and colors.


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» Logo, slogan or motif

Variant with Velcro closure

Our magnetic box without adhesive corners is even easier to assemble. Simply pull up the side panels and the box stands.

Variant with adhesive corners

Remove paper, set up, done. The magnetic box with adhesive corners can be assembled within seconds. Side parts, front and back

Magnetic boxes examples

Top seller: Magnetic box 33x22x10cm

Magnetic box with ribbon

Magnetic box with window

Magnetic box with embossing

Emotions in a Box

Magnetic box - For a special gift experience

As is so often the case in life, first impressions count when it comes to gifts. What would a special gift be without special packaging? What would giving be without excitement? Giving gifts is all about the intention. We don't give gifts to fulfil a duty, but to bring joy to a loved one. This can be done with words or small gestures in the form of gifts. The magnetic box is a beautiful and high-quality way to wrap gifts.

The magical closure of the magnetic box

The magnetic box impresses with its exclusive look, beautiful feel and special closure technology.The magnet is integrated into the rim and lid and closes gently when they are connected.To finish, there is a slight "click" sound.The magnetic box is firmly closed, but can be opened again just as easily.The high-quality closure technology adds value to the magnetic box.The lid and rim are so close together that the raised edge is hardly noticeable.The lid of the magnetic box can optionally be fitted with a flap to make it easier to open.

  • Magnets integrated in the rim and lid
  • Closes gently with a light "click" sound
  • Opens and closes without wear

Material, composition & delivery

Sturdy cardboard is used to make a magnetic box.This is robust and makes it possible to wrap even heavy gifts well without the sides buckling or the base giving way.The interface of the <a href="" target="_blank">Gift packaging is matt or glossy.The glossy surface is characterised by a soft feel.A smooth surface that feels very comfortable.A matt surface, on the other hand, looks more natural and visually more sustainable.The character and structure of the paper are easier to interpret.Which surface is chosen can depend on the content, among other things.Smooth, shiny surfaces are usually used for beauty and cosmetic products.

Variety and possibilities - options and refinement

Whether red, black, white or natural, square or rectangular, the magnetic box is available in many different variations.This makes it possible to customise the look to the recipient's preferences.To offer even more scope for individuality, the <a href="" target="_blank">Magnetic box can also be provided with a gift ribbon.Many different colours are also available here.The magnetic box can also be easily customised.Common forms of finishing are gluing, embossing or punching.Depending on the quantity, size and motif, a suitable finishing technique can be selected.This makes it possible to create a customised design with a very personal touch.

  • Available in many colours
  • Can optionally be provided with a gift ribbon
  • Individualisation through finishing: printing, punching, embossing
  • Customised look

Suitable for every occasion - the versatile magnetic box

Whether it's a birthday present, a loving gift for your favourite person or a festive gift for Christmas, a magnetic box can cover all occasions.Magnetic boxes are <a href="" target="_blank">Geschenkboxen have a simple design and therefore look very elegant.The uncomplicated look serves as a good basis and can be extended as required.This makes it easy to customise the gift packaging to suit the occasion and create the right feeling.In addition to private occasions, we also like to use the magnetic box in the business customer sector for customer gifts, employee gifts or other corporate gifts, for Christmas or anniversaries.

For private events:

  • For recurring occasions such as birthdays
  • For festive occasions such as Christmas
  • For souvenirs or small gifts

For business occasions:

  • Gifts for employees
  • Gifts for customers and business partners
  • Company anniversaries
  • Onboarding
  • Farewell gifts

The magnetic box as product packaging

Magnetic boxes are used alongside <a href="https://www.ideas-in-boxes.en/geschenkboxen-einzeln-einzeln-kaufen/boxtyp/faltboxen" target="_blank">Slip lid boxes are frequently used as product packaging.This is partly due to the convenient closure, which emphasises the value of the contents.The closure technology and feel of the packaging immediately give the customer a good first impression, which, as experience shows, is later incorporated into the overall rating of the product.Magnetic boxes are robust and are also suitable for medium-heavy products.The magnetic box can also be fitted with an inlay.The inlay (inner packaging) allows the products to be fixed and presented in the magnetic box.Inlays range from very simple but sturdy cardboard to foam moulds.The inner packaging gives the overall construction even more stability.

  • Suitable as product packaging for light to medium-weight products
  • Can be lined with an inlay to hold the products in place
  • Inlay options: paper, foam mould, cushion

In the spirit of sustainability - the vision of reusable gift packaging

Our magnetic boxes are manufactured to the highest quality standards and made from recycled, robust material.Thanks to the high-quality look, we hope that the gift packaging will not be thrown away but reused.In the long term, we want consumers to see and treat packaging as reusable goods.In this way, we could avoid tonnes of waste generated by gift wrapping and wrapping paper every year.