Premium gift boxes - unique and diverse

There are a number of celebrations, birthdays and other festivities throughout the year for which gifts and the right gift box are a must.Our gift box range offers a large selection of packaging in various colours, sizes and qualities to ensure that every gift can be lovingly and individually wrapped.Discover our premium quality boxes.


Hochwertige GeschenkboxGiving with style - The premium gift box for special occasions

There are many ways to wrap gifts. Some people use wrapping paper, others opt for a gift bag. Depending on the occasion, a different option is suitable.The premium <a href="" target="_blank">Geschenkbox made of cardboard, offers a particularly high-quality way to wrap gifts.Above-average quality, a special feel and an exclusive look - our premium gift boxes stand out from the crowd and ensure a top-class gift experience.

  • High-quality premium gift packaging - Made in Germany
  • Available in many exciting colour combinations
  • Suitable for all occasions

Experience gifts with all your senses

Standard gift packaging usually gives a bad first impression.The material is thin and the walls, lid and base are unstable.The packaging looks cheap and doesn't sit well in the hand.A premium gift box, on the other hand, is robust and of high quality.Both the look and feel appeal to the senses and create an emotional experience for the recipient.This creates a feeling of value and appreciation.The intention and message behind the gift idea becomes visible and tangible and can be perceived and experienced to the full.

  • Special feel for an emotional gift experience
  • High-quality material suggests value and appreciation

Gift boxes with a personal touch - the variety

Our premium gift boxes consist of three elements.Base, core and lid.Thanks to the modular design, the elements can be combined as required.Several colour combinations are already available from stock, which can be selected depending on the occasion and recipient.Red, gold, red or gold, silver, gold - the colour spectrum is wide and varied.In addition to the normal colours, the range includes metallic shades that catch the eye with their special sheen and are ideal for exclusive celebrations.The combination of white, metallic silver and white, for example, is often used for wedding favours and the combination of red and gold for Valentine's Day.

No matter what occasion you're looking for a gift box for, you'll find the right premium version in the right size here.If larger quantities are ordered, the cardboard gift box can also be customised.

  • Wide range of colour combinations already available from stock
  • Many sizes already available from stock
  • Customised production possible for larger quantities

High-quality gift boxes for corporate gifts

Companies also have many opportunities throughout the year to make business partners, customers or employees happy.Be it for a company anniversary, for Christmas or as a small thank-you gift in between.A gift can ensure that a company is remembered in a positive light.Our premium cardboard gift boxes are perfect for packaging creative corporate gifts! The beautiful packaging conveys a feeling of quality and stands out from the run-of-the-mill packaging.To ensure that the gift box is also visually reminiscent of the company, the colours can be individually matched to the corresponding corporate design.

Customise premium gift boxes

The production of customised gift boxes is very expensive and is usually only worthwhile from a certain quantity.If you still want to design customised gift boxes and only have a limited budget, you often have your back to the wall.To solve this problem, we offer customisation of our stock items.This can be customised with logos, slogans or motifs using various finishing techniques, even for small quantities.These can be embossed, punched or printed.

Printing / labelling:

Thanks to digital printing, gift boxes can be partially or even fully printed.As each package passes through the printer individually, this process is ideal for small quantities.It is even easier to label a box with a printed sticker.


Embossing is a very exclusive finishing technique in which a font, logo or motif is embossed into the gift box using an embossing plate.The embossing can be either deep or high.This gives the embossed element a haptic effect in addition to its special look.


Similar to embossing, punching involves making a cliché in advance, which is then clamped into the machine.The die-cutting mould allows certain shapes, lettering or motifs to be punched out of the cardboard.The option of a viewing window is also popular.This means that the contents can be inspected before the packaging is opened.