Packaging for special

customer & employee gifts

Your added values

Remain in the memory of your business partners with special gifts. in memory, because business is done between people!  

  • Our service, which advises you comprehensively, 
  • offers you ideas & relieves you.
  • Our gift experts will 
  • take care of your gifts
  • Personal messages that at the same time 
  • Promote people and organizations through your initiative.
  • Brand memory that lasts

Creative gift sets for

Customers & Employees

Full service: On request we create special gift sets

for your customer and employee gifts, according to your wishes.

Areas of application:
Christmas gifts for employees, customers & business partners |
Gifts for trade fair & corporate events, giveaways

Fairs, Events & Parties

Fiscal years offer many occasions to expand the customer focus. To introduce or recall your new services, your service or your new products. 

Do you want your brand message to be more concise and memorable than that of your competitors?

Business partners & customers

Business partners and relationships require good care, because their cooperation is the basis of your contracts and success. Birthdays, negotiations, joint successes but also problem situations are occasions for special personal communication from you. 


You are "THE" asset of your company. Employees value and reward your attention and praise, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers. In the battle for talent, retention and motivation is an essential management tool.

P.S.: much cheaper than any new hire . . .