Emotional wedding boxes

High quality boxes, for the 

most beautiful day in life.

Preparing a wedding is exciting and fun. Everything should be perfectly prepared and coordinated. The wardrobe, the food and... the favors. With our individual wedding boxes, this succeeds effortlessly.

» High quality gift boxes
with magnetic closure

» Individually refined with
Printing or embossing

» Individual productions
already from 25 pieces

A Box for unforgettable moments

White, red, black, taupe or pink? Just choose your favorite color, and the appropriate box size, from our extensive range.

  • Many box sizes and colors available
  • Choice of screen printing & hot foil stamping, in different colors
  • Already from 25 pieces

Four steps to the perfect wedding box

Choose box size & box color

Choose their desired color and the perfect box size for their favors. Our assortment includes a wide range of variations.

Select printing type and color

Hot foil stamping or screen printing? Choose a print type and the print color. Screen printing starts from 25 pieces.

Select positioning

Choose the positioning of the font. Left, right or centered on the lid. Both inside and outside placement is possible.

Complete the order process

Now you just need to choose the quantity, put your boxes in the shopping cart and pay at the checkout. You send us the print data later by mail.

Wedding boxes

Easily configure custom wedding boxes online.

Design examples

Design example - Magnetic box 33x22x10 (Taupe)
+ silkscreen white

Design example - magnetic box 33x22x10 (red)
+ hot foil stamping silver

Possible fonts

Personalize wedding boxes

With our configurator, personalize their wedding boxes with a few clicks. Simply select the appropriate size and color of the box, as well as the desired number of pieces. After ordering, you can send us the print data by mail.

Screen printing or hot foil stamping?

Hot foil stamping has a particularly noble effect and provides a unique shine. Besides gold and silver, metallic colors can be applied to the box. Hot foil stamping is possible from 50 pieces. Gold, silver and copper can also be applied by screen printing. This finishing technique starts at a quantity of 25 pieces and is more cost-effective than hot foil stamping.

High quality boxes for emotional moments

For the most beautiful day in life, all props should be something very special. Therefore, we use high-quality magnetic boxes for your wedding boxes, which bring a beautiful look and an exclusive feel. The integrated magnets provide a lot of fun when opening and closing the box

Wedding boxes according to your wishes

Neben der Individualisierung der Boxen, halten wir auch direkt das passende Füllmaterial (Sizzle / Papierstreifen) bereit, damit ihre Inhalte schön präsentiert und fixiert werden können. Das passende Füllmaterial finden Sie in der Kategorie »hier.