Data delivery for 

Hot foil stamping & screen printing

• Send us vector data only

• Convert fonts to curves (vectors) before exporting

• Create a single color swatch for each color

 (100% - Do not use color halftones or halftone values)

• Minimum line width: 0.5p / Minimum font height: 2mm

• Do not use drop shadows for solid colors,

 gradients or transparencies

• Do not use rasterized fonts or shapes

File formats

Suitable formats:
eps, pdf, ai

Unsuitable formats:
gif, jpeg, png

Print approval

You are not sure if your data is created correctly? Don't worry, after each order a free basic data check is performed and you will receive a print release by mail. 

Your personal contact

Marius Reckel
08241 50 14 600

» Glossary of terms: screen printing, hot foil stamping, vector data