Holzbrett mit Lasergravur

Laser engraving for gifts and products

Laser engraving is a process that uses a laser beam to create a permanent mark on various materials such as cardboard, glass, wood and metal. Due to the precise operation and variety of design possibilities, laser engraving is particularly suitable for personalized products and gifts.

Possible applications of laser engraving

  • Laser engraving on packaging, wooden boxes or metal boxes
  • Personalized gifts such as key rings, jewelry, bags, thermo mugs, breakfast boards
  • Promotional gifts such as pens, USB sticks, bottle openers, notebooks, aluminum lunch boxes
  • Engravings on cups, trophies and medals for sports events
  • Individual engravings on commemorative plaques, signs and badges
  • and much more

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»Laser engravings for
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Advantages of laser engraving

With customization options for text, logos and images, personalized gifts and products can be created with ease. With short delivery times due to fast and efficient processing, laser engraving is an attractive option for businesses and individuals.

  • High precision and detail accuracy
  • Durable, abrasion resistant marking
  • Possibility of engraving on various materials
  • Individual design options for texts, logos and images
  • Short delivery times

Laser engraving for individual packaging

With laser engraving, even complex designs can be implemented quickly and flexibly. For example, fine logos, shapes and motifs can be easily applied to the material. Laser engraving can even be used to enhance packaging made of wood or metal.

  • Custom inlays with laser engraving
  • Individual packaging: Laser engraving on lid outside or inside, 
  • on the front or sides

Individual laser engravings 

already from small quantities

Laser engraving is not only suitable for large print runs, but is also possible from small quantities or as one-off production. This makes laser engraving perfect for private individuals who want to have individual gifts or products produced. 

Companies can also benefit from this flexibility and, for example, have promotional gifts or products with individual engraving produced in small runs. The high precision and attention to detail of laser engraving produces a high-quality and appealing result.