Returnable packaging

Sustainable packaging with reusable packaging

Reusable packaging is packaging that has been designed for repeated use. After use, reusable packaging can be cleaned and recycled. The life cycle of reusable packaging can last several years.

The advantages and disadvantages of reusable packaging

Even if the initial procurement of reusable packaging is more cost-intensive, the investment pays off in the medium to long term.As the life cycle is much longer than that of disposable packaging.This eliminates the cost of regular replacement.

  • Less waste due to multiple use
  • More robust and more valuable = better feel
  • Sustainable image for companies
  • Co2 footprint in production is reduced

Is there an obligation to use reusable packaging?

Reusable packaging is used in many industries.Due to the reusable packaging obligation in 2023, catering establishments and delivery services are also obliged to offer reusable packaging in addition to disposable packaging.The obligation applies to food and drinks that are distorted outside the provider's premises.