Sliding boxes

What are sliding boxes?

This type of box has a special feature: the interior can be pushed. Hence the name. The whole thing consists of two parts that can be pushed into each other.

Ultimately, there are several reasons why companies and private individuals use this type of packaging. On the one hand, this saves space in the warehouse and, on the other hand, it serves as a safe means of shipping the products to be shipped.

What can sliding boxes be used for?

Sliding boxes themselves not only look beautiful, but can also be used for a variety of products. But what exactly can they be used for? Here are a few of the uses:

  • Gift wrapping
  • Product packaging
  • Presentation packaging

The lovingly designed interior and exterior give the item a special finish. Everyone affected is more happy about a personalized gift than normal packaging. In combination with various finishing techniques, it is definitely worth considering.

What are the advantages
of sliding boxes?

If you are faced with the decision, but still cannot decide, you should briefly deal with the advantages. The advantages of the customizable boxes can be clearly seen here. Here is a short list:

  • Upholstery offers protection during shipping
  • Suitable for storing small parts
  • Robust construction (filling material such as foam pads, foils)
  • Different design options
  • Different selection is available
  • special forms possible
  • ensures better customer loyalty
  • brings with it a surprise effect

What types are there?

Over time, the product line has continued to develop. Nowadays, the sliding boxes are offered in various variations. In principle, the focus is on 3 models:

1) with hollow wall + closed

Variant number 1 has a stable hollow wall construction that offers a lot of protection during transport. The back wall is also closed. This means that the products cannot simply fall out. The whole thing opens in one direction. In terms of structure, it is reminiscent of a kind of book slipcase.

2) with hollow wall + open

The exact opposite of variant 1 is the one with an open back wall. However, it offers a big advantage: the box can be opened on both sides. Even an inlay is possible.

3) carded / open

The last variant includes a double side wall, which ensures high stability. The closed back ensures safety. The inlay can also be individually adjusted.

Sliding box formats

With ordinary packaging, suppliers usually have one problem - the ability to design. But things are different with sliding boxes. A little foretaste of the different formats:

=> square
=> rectangular
=> DIN A4
=> DIN A5
=> DIN A6

However, on certain occasions it needs a unique shape. That's why sliding boxes can also be ordered and purchased made to measure. Weddings would be the ideal example of this.

Print sliding boxes

The reason why many people choose these boxes is the possibility of having them printed. This ensures individuality. How about, for example, your own company logo to better establish the brand? The same would also be possible with slogans, motifs and other labels.

Finishing with logo

What many people forget about a sliding box - the logo itself. This can also be printed individually like the box. Different finishes give the entire appearance a certain shine. Partial UV varnishing is the keyword here. Particularly suitable for printed or unprinted cardboard.

The refinement makes the box appear a little more compact and highlights the logo better. Painting and foil laminations are also offered. Whether matt or shiny, there are no limits to creativity.

Box with embossing

An exceptional design can make the difference in certain occasions. The same also applies to the embossing. A high-quality embossing makes the box a real eye-catcher. In principle, interested parties have the choice between blind stamping and hot foil stamping. The first variant creates a logo that can be guessed with all the senses.

Hot foil stamping is no less interesting. There you can choose from different colors. Classics are of course accents such as brown, red, black, silver, green, blue, gold or purple.

Which parts of the sliding box can be printed?

Not every place makes sense to be printed. It looks similar with the sliding box. The type of box also has an influence. In variants with a hollow wall, three areas can be decorated:

1) Slipcase
2) Bottom part
3) Floor inserts

They can be printed or left unprinted. Things look a little different with the carded box. Both the slipcase and the base are printable. The interior floor usually remains in the selected color.


Sending products simply packaged serves its purpose, but does not have a wow effect when unpacked. And that's exactly what most people care about. Surprises such as a lovingly, individually designed box can increase customer loyalty enormously. In addition, the selection of formats, designs and boxes is very diverse. Even the areas inside & outside the box can be printed and given a logo. The box also offers additional protection during transport. By telescoping, everyone benefits. So if you want to get creative with giving gifts soon, you should take a closer look at the box.