Slip-lid boxes

There are different types of packaging to discover for products or gifts. But which one is best? Each type of packaging has its own advantages. Today's article is about the topic of slip lid boxes and how they can be ideally used as a gift box.

What are slip lid boxes?

If you are not yet familiar with the topic of packaging and its effects, there is now a short explanation specifically about the slip boxes. Technically speaking, they can also be considered slip-lid cardboard. The entire structure consists of two cardboard parts, which can be quickly put together.

They are usually delivered in a flat position. In this way, shipping costs and storage space can be saved. The special thing - the structure. No glue, scissors or other tools are required. Just open it up and you're done. The lid is closed by the bottom part. Hence the name “slip-lid cardboard”. Attached handle notch makes the process easier. Further features of the box are briefly summarized:

  • usually in the shape of a semicircle
  • ergonomic feel
  • consists of two parts (base / lid)
  • easy opening and closing
  • Handle notches

Advantages of the slip-lid box

Stülpschachteln sind aus mehreren Gründen recht beliebt bei Privatpersonen und Unternehmen. Der bisherige Artikel hat das bereits gezeigt. Doch wer nicht lange recherchieren möchte, für den anbei eine Auflistung aller nennenswerter Vorteile:

  • different design options
  • can be used in various ways
  • different finishing techniques
  • easy opening/closing
  • suitable as gift and product packaging
  • available in multiple sizes/thicknesses

Can slip-lid boxes be finished?

It is also possible to refine your slip-lid box or slip-on box. The following techniques are used in particular: hot foil embossing, deep embossing and punching.

The first method uses a shiny film. Above all, it should give the box a few more visual accents. However, if you value a tactile feel, it is best to choose the method with deep embossing. Basically, nothing is created here other than a kind of embossing stamp that is printed on the surface of the cardboard. A good example would be a logo that can be felt by hand. The last method would be the cutting die. A pillow is very popular.

Ultimately, the design depends entirely on personal tastes. Some like a shiny, elegant look and others focus more on the inlay in the form of cushions and dies. Finishing is an important process for individuality.

Areas of application of the slip-lid box

Ultimately, everyone has to ask themselves the question: What purpose should the slip box be used for? Similar to other gift boxes, these can be used for different occasions. Be it differences in the quality, structure or design of the box, ultimately the packaging can be used for two areas:

1) Wrapping a gift

Giving out gifts brings great joy to both parties. But simply reaching the item without large packaging destroys the surprise effect. For this reason, cardboard boxes are often used as gift packaging. For example, light, thin boxes are suitable for small and light presents. The special thing is still the look and shine. There is also the option to design the box individually. But more on that later. Can also be used as:

=> Gift for employees
=> Gift for customers
=> Gift for friend/family
=> etc.

2) Packaging of a product

The popular boxes are a must, especially for products of all kinds that are purchased in companies. This is mainly due to the adjustable size, which can be ideally tailored to the respective item. Thin or thick cardboard - the choice is large. Nevertheless, the different strengths also have their advantages. Thin cardboard is particularly light and suitable for small products. Thick cardboard, on the other hand, provides significantly better stability during transport and is therefore used for larger, more fragile items.

In a nutshell, the slip boxes can be used for various shipping and transport packaging. The individual printing and its locations make the box indispensable.

Tips & tricks for successful packaging

A product is only purchased when sellers pay some attention to the look. The situation is similar with the surprise effect. Birthday children want a special experience and not just a gift. Great packaging with the slip box can be achieved based on these 6 criteria:

1) Eye-catching design
2) Creativity
3) Customization
4) appropriate to the occasion
5) easy opening
6) Side dish (goodie)

Which filling material to use?

The filling material is also known as “inlay”. As already mentioned, external appearance is crucial. This is the only way to make the overall experience exciting. And it is not uncommon for buyers to prefer products from companies that put a lot of effort into serving their customers.

But which filling material is suitable for this? In short, the answer depends on the product itself. Possible options include a cutting die as an inlay, a cushion as an inlay, scraps of paper as an inlay or a foam shape as an inlay. Products in soft cushion fabric with an individualized design feel particularly good.


Slip-lid boxes are a special way to give away your products. Similar to gift boxes. They are available to buy in different sizes and thicknesses. The box impresses with its easy opening and possibility for customization. Cutting die, cushion and foam are just a few examples of the inlay. You can even add a refinement of your own logo. Overall, the box is suitable for anyone who wants to give their customers or loved ones a nice surprise.