Smart Packaging - Highly intelligent packaging solutions

A real added value for your customers

Smart Packaging is a term that is coming up more and more frequently in the packaging industry. But what exactly is Smart Packaging and what advantages does it offer consumers and companies? With Smart Packaging, you link the online and offline worlds and enhance your products with useful additional information.

» Linking the online &
Offline World

» Added value through 
Additional information for customers

» Individuelle Productions
already from 25 pieces

Unique Customer-Experience

Invite your customers on an exciting journey and present unique, digital content. After scanning a QR code (for example), your customer opens the gateway to a digital world that contains valuable additional information, rewards or competitions.

  • Many box sizes and colors available
  • Choice of screen printing & hot foil stamping,
    in different colors
  • Already from 25 pieces

What is Smart Packaging?

Smart packaging refers to packaging that is equipped with additional functions that go beyond simply protecting the product. These functions can, for example, monitor the quality of the product, inform the consumer about the contents or even be interactive. Smart packaging therefore offers many benefits for consumers and companies and can help products stay fresher for longer and consumers be better informed.

Smart Packaging Example

One example of smart packaging is packaging that is equipped with an integrated sensor. This sensor can, for example, measure the temperature, humidity or pH inside the packaging and inform whether the product is still safe to use. In this way, consumers can be sure that they are not consuming spoiled food and companies can safeguard themselves from possible recalls.