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ideas in boxes

Sturdy magnum wine box bottle box, wine packaging with magnetic closure - magnetic box

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  • Suitable for magnum bottles
  • The high-quality magnum wine carton has a special look and an exclusive feel
  • The stylish fabric band makes it easier to open and enhances the look of the wine carton
  • The packaging for wine offers space for one wine bottle Dimensions: 400x120x120 mm
  • The two-colour design looks elegant and sophisticated and is suitable as packaging for all occasions
  • Robust packaging thanks to particularly high material thickness of 3mm = 1,500g/sqm
  • Perfect as product or gift packaging
    for events or giveaways, as a box or storage box
  • For the sake of the environment: Made from 100% recycled cardboard | 100% recyclable.

The perfect wine box for exclusive occasions

Those who give gifts usually do so with an intention.The intention is to give pleasure and to remain in positive memory.Therefore, not only the content is important, but also the appearance and external presentation.Whether for a birthday or a wedding, the wine box is elegant and extremely high-quality.And opening it is fun too, because the magnetic closure gives you a very special experience as soon as you unpack it.

In the spirit of sustainability

No tearing, no throwing away, the wine carton can still be used decoratively afterwards or given as a gift.Filled with a full-bodied red wine, a sweet white wine or a delicious rosé, for a best friend, a committed employee or colleague, the wine box is ideal and cuts a fine figure in any situation.The material is robust and elegant and its feel makes it pleasant and exclusive to handle.The attached fabric strap makes it easier to open and close and also looks modern and stylish.The wine box is perfect as a gift box.

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