Special beauty gifts & must-haves

Relaxation and care for the skin!

A little relaxation for the skin, a sensual fragrance experience or a journey through the world of soaps - ideas in boxes is always on the lookout for special beauty products and great cosmetic tips.

Sensual fragrances for women

Sweet and refreshing or striking and self-confident, the right fragrance invigorates and sets exciting accents.Whether as a gift set in the form of a beauty box or as a single gift, women will find great fragrances for every occasion.

Soaps in breathtaking colours and shapes

Flowing transitions, great colour fadings and unusual shapes - how about the natural soap SoapRocks, for example, with a crystal look? Our handmade soaps not only look good, but also provide targeted support for skin care and help with acne and neurodermatitis.

Let yourself be inspired by our imaginative gift selection! The ideas in boxes team will also be happy to advise you personally on your personalised gift box.