Looking for a very special gift? ideas in boxes has exclusive gift boxes with great contents, ready to give. To ensure a high degree of exclusivity, the gift box can be customised.
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Exclusive gifts - with us you will find original presents for every occasion

Original individual gifts or imaginatively created themed boxes: we offer you a wide selection of exclusive gifts.No more time-consuming shopping and awkward gift wrapping! Instead, with just a few clicks you can receive your personalised gift, which we will deliver directly to your home in beautifully decorated boxes so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

Here you will find an inspiring selection of gift boxes designed around a specific theme.If you've recently become a godmother or godfather, one of our baby gift boxes is the perfect creative gift for the new parents.The baby box contains various playful elements: for example, baby's first footprints can be "printed" immediately on the canvas provided.A cutely decorated lantern should welcome the little newcomer into the world.This special gift also comes with a hand-printed bib and other small gifts.

Exclusive gifts - packaged in your favourite colours

Take a moment to browse our wide range of themes and discover exclusive gifts that are guaranteed to make eyes light up.We provide you with imaginative gift boxes that are not only tailored to your specific theme, but also in your favourite colours and, if required, with your logo!

Special gifts for all occasions

There are many, many gifts out there! The Internet is truly flooded with them and new gift ideas are added every day.However, not all of them can be categorised as special gifts.Special gifts are one thing above all: exclusive! Just as we strive for individuality in everyday life and want to stand out from the crowd, just as we try to dress differently and endeavour to develop our very own, very special lifestyle, we also want to receive gifts.In this category you will find exclusive gifts as individual gifts or wrapped in high-quality gift packaging that can be customised to suit the recipient.This will give your gift idea a personal touch and an individual character.

Special birthday presents

A birthday is a very special day of the year, a day on which we can take a break from everyday life and relax with friends or family and enjoy the finer things in life.For the birthday guests, however, this means a little preparatory work when it comes to organising a special gift.This should be as creative, high-quality and unique as possible.It is also a good idea to make a few considerations in advance to make the search for and selection of the right gift much easier.Think about what connects you to the birthday boy or girl, how you know each other or what you have experienced together in the past year.A good gift always evokes positive emotions.These can be incorporated into the overall design in the form of photos or a beautiful card, for example.

Special gift sets - exclusive and high-quality

We have specialised in finding products that no one else can find, products that are not available in any other online gift shop, gifts that are special and also specially packaged.ideas in boxes packs exclusively in gift packaging designed in-house and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards.These are not only visually unique and can be put together in any combination thanks to the variety of colours, but the linen-like structure also gives them an exquisite feel.According to our philosophy, it takes a very special gift packaging to create a very special gift set, which already inspires by the outer appearance at first sight, gives pleasure when unwrapping and conjures a sparkle in the eyes when opening.