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Special gift packaging, for special occasions

Excited looks, a delighted smile - giving gifts is fun! Especially when the gift is beautifully wrapped and lovingly decorated. One way to wrap your gift to a high standard is with gift wrapping. This does not show the shape of the contents, as is the case with wrapping paper, so that the excitement is maintained until the box is opened. Gift wrapping is suitable for all occasions thanks to its variety.Whether for a birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas, the right gift packaging ensures emotional and unforgettable moments.

Giving a gift is much more than just giving a present - it's thinking about how you can make a loved one happy.This train of thought is followed by considerations regardingthe gift selection, the gift wrapping and the decoration, because a good gift can be further enhanced with a finish.

The world of gift packaging

The world of gift packaging is vast! The beautiful gift boxes are available in various qualities, colours, shapes and sizes.This makes it possible to perfectly customise the gift packaging for the recipient without having to make any compromises.

The right box for every budget

Classic or premium, what will it be? Depending on the type of gift packaging, the price varies so that the right packaging is available for every budget.ideas in boxes offers a wide range of products.

For light to medium-weight gifts, a <a href="" target="_blank">Classic gift packaging an.This is produced from relatively thin but stable material.The feel is pleasant and the box sits comfortably in the hand.Classic gift packaging is available as folding boxes and slip lid boxes.

For a very special impression, <a href="https://www.ideas-in-boxes.en/geschenkboxen-einzeln-kaufen/boxtyp/magnetboxen" target="_blank">Magnet boxes.These are made of robust material and impress with their special magnetic fastener.The magnets integrated into the edge and lid fall together when the box is closed and the gift packaging closes tightly.

An equally valuable handling, bring <a href="" target="_blank">Premium gift packaging.These consist of 2 or 3 elements.Base, centre section and core.The individual elements overlap and provide a lot of stability.The robust gift packaging enchants with its unique look and exclusive feel.Thanks to the sturdy material, gift ideas weighing up to 7kg can be stored in the packaging.

Diverse worlds of colour

In addition to the classic colours such as red, white and black, ideas offers many other colours in boxes.Most of these were created in-house and customised by designers to meet the needs of customers.This results in exclusive colours such as metallic brown, metallic gold, silver, gold and many more.

What role does the material play in gift packaging?

It's all about the material! If you manage to appeal to all the senses when giving a gift, you can give the recipient a wonderful gift experience.In this way, the material can provide a very special feel that appeals to the sense of touch.A smooth surface looks soft and gentle, whereas a matt surface has a more natural character.

Thanks to the different thicknesses of the material, the ideal gift packaging can be selected for every gift.

Customised gift packaging - finishing options

Whether customised gift packaging for wedding favours, giveaways or other occasions, gift packaging can be individually designed.This is possible from a certain quantity, which depends on the respective packaging.The design options are vast, because in addition to the colour, material and size, the gift packaging can be printed or embossed.

  • Printing gift packaging: Whether logo, image or graphic, all conceivable motifs can be printed.In addition to the normal printing colours (CMYK), it is possible to reproduce special colours.
  • Embossing gift packaging: Embossing is a particularly high-quality way of enhancing gift packaging.Hot foil stamping gives the graphic a raised glossy effect.The graphic is recessed and tactile thanks to blind embossing.
  • Punching gift packaging: A punch can be used to create a specific shape from the material of the <a href="" target="_blank">Geschenkboxcan be separated out.For a wedding, for example, could bea heart can be punched into the lid.A viewing window through which the contents can be inspected can also be realised with a cutting die.

Order gift packaging online

As many retailers offer ordinary gift wrapping, it makes sense to have access to a wide range of online products.ideas in boxes offers gift packaging in many colours, shapes and sizes, in various qualities.In addition to the gift packaging, you can also order matching accessories such as gift ribbon, filling material or a greetings card.Delivery is usually by DHL, within a few working days.

The advantages:

  • Large range and diverse options
  • Accessories can be ordered directly
  • Fast delivery directly to your home
  • Get creative online: put together your own gift packaging and accessories

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