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Business folders

Sheet music packaging


High quality hot foil stamping in gold.


Highest quality due to manufacturing in Germany.


Cover made of sustainable FSC paper.


Extremely sturdy promotional packaging made of hard cardboard.

Vacation box

Packaging concept

A product packaging was planned especially for an already existing metal box.
For the retail trade consisting of a slip lid cardboard box and foam insert was planned and manufactured.

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Product packaging has two primary tasks: Product presentation and product protection. In physical retail, products are lined up close together, so that the purchase decision of potential customers is often influenced only by marginal differences. One of these is product packaging. A coherent design can trigger an impulse purchase and underline the quality of your products. Individual and high-quality small series can also be implemented with the right process.

Product packaging as a sales lever

The following scenario: You have developed a product over weeks, months or even years. A lot of money has been spent on drafts by product designers and market analyses. Time is pressing, because the product is to be launched shortly and adorn the shelves in retail stores. Therefore, you decide to keep the development phase for the packaging design short, because "it's only the product packaging". Your product is now in many stores, next to similar products from other manufacturers. Maybe your product is even of higher quality, less expensive or offers the user some other added value, but: nobody buys! The product packaging does not work and does not reflect what is inside the packaging. The benefits of your product do not stand out and the design of the packaging is lost in the clutter of other product packaging.

  • Invest a lot of time in the development of product packaging
  • Good packaging provides a sales boost
  • Good packaging can trigger impulse purchases

» Product packaging is essential for success and sales at the POS.

Requirements for strong product packaging

The basis of every company or brand is the corporate identity and corporate design. Product packaging should therefore be designed in such a way that the connection between the brand and the product is immediately apparent. This is the only way to ensure that marketing campaigns work across media and generate sales. Otherwise, the packaging will not get any attention and will quickly disappear on the well-stocked shelves at the point of sale.

Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions when developing your product packaging:

  • Is the consumer informed about the content in a targeted and quick manner?
  • Are the USP and all benefits of your product clearly visible?
  • Does the product packaging appear to be of high quality?
  • Does the packaging stand out from the competition?

Individual product packaging – design and implementation

The design should be closely based on the corporate design and reflect the look and feel of the company in terms of shape, color and feel. The product is already charged with emotions and a certain feeling through the product packaging.

Apart from legal information, there are no fixed guidelines for the design of product packaging. What type of packaging should you use? What material? Which shape? What does the inner packaging look like? There are many factors that together determine the success of your packaging.

The following parameters can be influenced:

  • Packaging design: color, shape, typography…
  • material
  • Printing & finishing
  • Printing process
  • Packaging type

Special packaging for special products

A number of factors play a role in choosing the right type of packaging. The budget, the feel, the look and the options for finishing, in the form of printing or embossing, are crucial here. You can choose from magnetic boxes, premium boxes and many more.

Do you want something very special?

Then a magnetic box, for example, is ideal. In this very high-quality packaging, the closure creates a very special effect. The magnetic box can be opened and closed as if by magic using the magnets integrated into the edge and lid. This means your customers will get a high-quality impression as soon as they unpack it, which will have a positive effect on their overall rating of the product.

  • Choose special packaging for your products
  • With special product packaging you increase the value and the unpacking experience
  • Magnetic box, premium packaging, hard cardboard, folding box, and much more.

Tailor-made inlays for your products – this is how product packaging becomes an experience

Holding a new product in your hands is a nice feeling. Starting with the product packaging, the tension increases when unpacking. The journey inside increases the joy and the expectations of what awaits the customer inside the packaging are high. The inner packaging also offers a wide range of design and implementation options. For example, your products can be fixed using a high-quality foam mold or a paper inlay. A paper or cardboard inlay can also secure the products for transport and beautifully embed them in the product packaging.

Produce individual product packaging in small series

For giveaways at trade fairs or events or for shipping sample products, there are many occasions when product packaging in small series is needed. This is not always easy to implement, as most manufacturers only produce in large quantities. Thanks to a broad network and the know-how of almost two decades, we have found ways to produce individual product packaging, even in small series. No compromises are made in terms of production technology or quality.

  • Individual product packaging starting with small quantities
  • Lots of options and configuration options
  • Manufacturing according to customer requirements